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Send Unlimited Emails & SMS Using Our Built-In SMTP Sending Servers For A Low, One Time Price!

Finally Cracked: New “Aweber Killer” Cloud Autoresponder Lets You Send Unlimited Emails & SMS With The Push Of a Button!

All From Dedicated IPS & SMTP Sending Servers That Come Built-In… Without Any Monthly Fees, No Restrictions On Importing & Absolutely Zero Downtime!

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  • Unlimited cloud autoresponder with no restrictions
  • Built-in dedicated SMTP sending servers INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Built-in dedicated IP pools for best delivery INCLUDED & PRECONFIGURED
  • Start mailing TODAY & make your first affiliate sales (with no restrictions)
  • Unlimited emails, unlimited subscribers, unlimited lists
  • Drag & drop opt-in form designer and email template creator
  • Instant import with no double opt-in or verification
  • Send SMS texts to anyone right from within the app
  • Your own “SMS” autoresponder with built-in servers
  • Build your list with social media
  • No monthly fees, no limits
  • Cloud based, mobile responsive
  • 100% newbie friendly


Thanks To ProfitSend You Can Finally Grab Your Share Of The Huge & Growing Email Marketing Space Without Needing To Pay Outlandish Recurring Fees...

Step 1

Login To Our Stunning Cloud-Based Platform!

(There’s NOTHING for you to set up, configure or host – we give you your own SMTP sending server and dedicated IP)

Step 2

Upload Your List Or Use Our Built-In Optin Forms & Proceed To Setup A Full, High-Converting Email Campaign!

(Don’t have a list yet? Don’t worry we help you build one FAST using social media)

Step 3

Enjoy Profit-Sucking, Commission-Making Emails The RIGHT Way!

(PLUS send SMS texts and social media messages using this 3-in-1 platform)

Plus, You’re In FULL Control Of Your Email Marketing Efforts Without Having To Worry About Getting Shut Down By Autocratic Autoresponder Providers... Thanks To ProfitSend!

ProfitSend Is SO GOOD – Results Are Coming in FAST...

...PLUS – We’re Already Using It In Our Own Business To Great Success!

The Result... Your Vastly Improved Email Marketing Results With Skyrocketing Sales AND Massively Increased Traffic...

And The BEST Part...?

Others Are Already Having Success With It Too!

Igor Burban - Successful WordPress Developer & Marketer

"This is exactly what I've been looking for! I'm sick and tired of all those so-called "one-time fee" autoresponders that actually require you to setup your own SMTP or pay a 3rd party service to actually be able to send emails.

ProfitSend is the REAL DEAL!

It requires NO SETUP, comes with SMTP built-in and already configured for you, and it's 100% newbie friendly. From someone who has struggled in the past to configure a SMTP, this was a godsend!

It took me less than a minute to upload my list & send our my first email with ProfitSend!"

Jeannie Koh - Beta Tester & ProfitSend User

"ProfitSend is just incredible, it has enabled me to TRIPLE my affiliate income & get more traffic than ever before from my email list. If you're not getting the email marketing results you wanted - it might be your autoresponder's fault and not yours!

Get ProfitSend and watch it give you 100% deliverability, placement in your subscribers' inbox and more affiliate sales than ever before... all on a silver platter!"

Venkata Ramana - Successful 6 Figure Vendor

"Better results than Aweber and GetResponse combined AND with no monthly fees?? I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the type of traffic ProfitSend gets me.

Plus, there's no review on the leads I can upload, so it took me just a few seconds to get my full list approved and mailing with ProfitSend!

The built-in SMTP and dedicated IPs are all flawless... just get this now, I highly recommend it!"

Get Started With This Revolutionary New Software Today!

LIMITED TIME: – One-Time Fee For Early Adopters Only!


It doesn't even matter what niche you're in: you KNOW that the money is in the list and if you want to truly make a financial KILLING from true online passive profits and all without the ridiculously high monthly fees that most autoresponders charge you - then ProfitSend is made FOR YOU!

Plus - this is not a cheap software that asks you to connect your own SMTP or pay for a service like Mailgun to send emails - it's a fully-fledged and integrated cloud platform that comes with its own included and preconfigured dedicated SMTP servers & dedicated IPs - we host & configure EVERYTHING for you so you can send your emails through our rock-solid server infrastructure for free!

So that all you have to do is push send and have your emails delivered instantly to thousands of subscribers at literally ZERO cost to you!

Time To Take The Shortcut For Instant Results And Finally Cash In Just Like The “Big Guys!”

…And All With 1-Click, And 100% Automated Inside ProfitSend !

The Most Powerful Mailing System At Your Fingertips, For Zero Recurring Fees

ProfitSend is the future in terms of email marketing technology, all without charging you any monthly fees!

Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers And IP Pools

ProfitSend comes with pre-configured SMTP servers and dedicated IPs so there is NOTHING for you to configure. Just upload your list and start mailing!

Send SMS Text Messages To ANYONE

With ProfitSend, you’re not limited to emails only. SMS texts get a 90% open rate and you can now send them out to anyone’s phone number right from within ProfitSend, using our own SMS servers!

Build Your List Hands-Free With Social Media

Don’t have a list yet? Blast your link to ANYONE on Instagram with the click of a button so you can drive affiliate commissions and generate leads. You can even use our ProfitSend Social Module to build your email list for you on complete autopilot!

Unlimited Everything With NO Limitations

With ProfitSend, you're not capped AT ALL on the number of emails you can send, the number of subscribers you can have or how many campaigns you can run!

Cloud-Based, Mobile Responsive Software

You and your audience can access ProfitSend from anywhere, even your smartphone due to our groundbreaking design, which means you can literally double your sales as over 50% of online traffic is mobile!

Designed by Marketers for Marketers

ProfitSend has been built from the ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning you can upload your list of subscribers straight into the app with no double opt-in and no verification required. Start mailing from TODAY!

Super Reliable Technology

Schedule your emails to go off when you want to using our editor with no annoying delays and no downtime!

Breathtaking Designs

ProfitSend is perfect for you even if you don’t currently have a list. Our premium drag & drop opt-in form creator transforms any visitor into a subscriber!

24/7 “White Glove” Support

And So Much More

ProfitSend Has The Best-In-Class Deliverability And Email Features – So Much So That It Helped Us More Than DOUBLE Our Email Marketing Results...!

Not Just That – It Helped Dozens Of Our Beta Testers And Customers Make Their Very First Sales Online!

KME Byrne - 6 Figure Email Marketer

“If you do any type of email marketing, this is one of the most useful tools you can have at your fingertips.

Just one of the many features available on this platform is worth the price of the software.

ProfitSend is a fantastic alternative for ALL email marketers out there...I strongly advise you to try them out, you won't be sorry!”

Wayne Watts - Beta Tester & ProfitSend User

“Working with ProfitSend is like having access to a high-speed rocket that launches my online business towards success...plus it also has a great team in the background that ensure everything runs efficiently for you.

I'm so excited for the future of my online business thanks to ProfitSend!”

Art Flair - Successful Online Entrepreneur

“When I say that ProfitSend rocks, I mean it 100%!

Recently, I was with a 'mainstream' autoresponder and I couldn't believe that my deliverability was 2.58% on a recent email promotion. Everything was ending up either in the spam or promo folder.

After using ProfitSend, my first email got a 13.68% response and a small promo to a list of 870 people produced an extra $600 in just a couple of days...that's with the same list I mentioned above!

I don't know what 'secret sauce' ProfitSend is using, but I'm not going anywhere else!”

Get Instant Access To ProfitSend Today!

Finally... The Perfect Solution For Email Marketers!

Let's face the truth: You already know you should be selling your products, services and promoting affiliate offers by using your email list.

It's been proven that email marketing is THE single best way to a passive income for years to come.

In fact, "The money is in the list" is the most known Internet Marketing adage for a reason: when you have a list, all you have to do is send an email and make money.

Without EVER Having To Worry About:

  • Having to pay for traffic or go through crazy hoops to get “free” traffic
  • Google changing their algorithm and you losing your rankings and traffic
  • Facebook banning your account and the ability to promote offers
  • Amazon removing your product listings

You See, With Email Marketing YOU Control Your Own Destiny - And Not The Big Corporations!

Bottom line is this: if you're not building and mailing your list, you're missing out on huge paydays and you're missing out on the easiest way to make money online possible.

Chances are you maybe even tried email marketing at some point but gave up.

Or you're still promoting to your list but not getting the results you want & you are looking for a better solution.

BUT You've Been Kept Back By One Huge Barrier... The Ridiculous Fees, Autocratic Behaviour & And Unreliable Service!

Regardless if you're just starting out or if you already have some experience with email marketing, having to pay a $228/year STARTING FEE for an autoresponder (with huge limitations!) all while you're learning the system and how to market is CRAZY!

In fact, even if you do have that kind of money, you probably don't have the confidence to sign up for such a big monthly fee.

Besides, you've probably heard horror stories yourself, from autoresponders whose servers go down without any notice, or they just don't deliver emails or all your emails are going to the SPAM folder.

Plus you'd have to go through a ton of additional headaches such as losing subscribers due to "unknown errors" or paying for the service every single month even if your subscriber count is 0.

Not to mention those so called “one time fee autoresponders” that in reality are nothing but a sorry interface that requires YOU to add your OWN sending servers or expensive SMTP like Mailgun or Sendgrid.

So By Now - We've Agreed On 2 Important Things:

You WANT To Use Email Marketing In Your Business!

You NEED To Use Email Marketing In Your Business!


And simply because it's proven that traffic from emails converts 2-5 times better than traditional "cold" traffic.

Yet - you feel paralyzed to take the plunge due to the high monthly recurring fees that most autoresponders charge, all while they provide a crappy service in return.

Or you've already started email marketing, but you aren't making as much money as you want to justify paying so MUCH every month, because you can't directly import your list and you suffer from a low delivery rate!

Get Instant Access To ProfitSend Today!

Just Imagine This...

A new, lightweight piece of technology that's so incredibly sophisticated yet intuitive & easy to use that allows you to benefit from the absolute best features with zero monthly fees...

...That's exactly what we've designed ProfitSend to do for you so if you value your business, want to increase your bottom line and dominate your competition, with ProfitSend you get your own dedicated SMTP servers and sending IPs with better delivery rates than anything else on the market right now.

Plus, you get to go beyond just email with built-in SMS text messages and Instagram social media automation that reaches audience in multiple ways all through ProfitSend.

ProfitSend is your 3-in-1 communication platform that lest you upload with 1 click your WHOLE list and you are 100% sure there are no downtimes - and it's all for a one-time fee!

And with drag & drop opt-in form and squeeze page generator, you can build your list with ProfitPage and start making money even if you don’t have any leads yet!

ProfitSend Is Completely Done-For-You And Allows You To Take Control Of Your Email Marketing Instantly!

  • No need to spend hundreds per month for an expensive system that barely works!
  • No need to constantly double-check if the servers are down every time you want to send an email!
  • No need to waste hours trying to integrate with different services just to save your subscribers from getting lost (hint: we allow DIRECT importing of leads!)
  • No need to keep struggling with opt-in and double opt-in requirements that prevent you from building your list!
  • No need to stress out over all the issues that come with a traditional autoresponder, including low delivery rates and triggering SPAM filters!

Seriously, There's NOTHING Like This On The Market Right Now!

Here, Take A Look At Just How Powerful ProfitSend Truly Is...

Not only is ProfitSend the best autoresponder available hands down, it's also the most affordable solution. In fact, it's so good, it's in a league of its own!

Forget about paying outrageous monthly fees AND sacrificing a lot of quality - ProfitSend provides the best of both worlds!

You now have the opportunity to take advantage of our zero-downtime, zero-restrictions cloud software that gets you the best delivery rates out there!

It Gets Even Better - Dominate Your Competition AND Increase Your Traffic!

So by now you can see that it's crystal-clear you need ProfitSend in your business...BUT what you probably don't even suspect are the 2 clear additional benefits that it comes with:

#1 Free Traffic Source

That's right - we've built ProfitSend with "FREE" in mind - meaning you can simply add your own SMTP details to your account - and mail your list without ever paying a dollar for it. That means no matter how big your list grows and how many emails you send - it's still 100% free.

Plus - we're optimized for mobile, which means 50% more opens, clicks and sales you get JUST because you're using ProfitSend!

Did I mention full Instagram integration? That means you can blast your link to ANYONE on Instagram based on their interests, keywords or hashtags WITHOUT them even being on your list in the first place

And everyone that signs up from your Instagram messages or drag&drop opt-in forms are then auto-added to ProfitSend for emails and SMS marketing – talk about next-level integration!

#2 Dominate Your Competition

ProfitSend comes integrated with best-in-class sending servers and dedicated IP pools for email, SMS texts and social media messaging. That means better deliverability, reaching your subscribers inbox folder with email, and reaching them in fresh new ways your competitors don’t even dream of (like straight to their phones or smart watches!)

And remember... “The money is in the list” so the sooner you get started with email marketing the better!

If you haven’t built a list yet or haven’t made money from email marketing so far, this is your opportunity to get started with the best possible solution at the best possible price!

And if you DID try email marketing before but you’re not quite happy with the results you’ve got so far, then don’t worry because ProfitSend will 10X your results and turn you into an email marketing guru!


You're About To Get Access To The Revolutionary New Software That Will Allow You To TRIPLE Your Business With Just A Few Clicks!

So The Logical Question Is Who Can Benefit From Using The
World's Best Autoresponder !?

Well This Is Really Simple To Answer...

  • Any online marketer, regardless of the niche, who wants to make more money without paying monthly for it!
  • People who want to get started with email marketing and are looking for the best and most affordable solution!
  • Marketers who want easy profits without having to configure anything themselves!
  • Anyone who values their business and money and is not ready to sacrifice either!
  • Anyone looking to quit their 9-5, experience freedom and clear outstanding debt!
  • Marketers who want to absolutely DOMINATE and THRIVE even in negative situations like the present!
  • Marketers who want to be their own boss, get traffic and make sales on demand whenever they need or want to!
  • Anyone who wants to save time & money without sacrificing quality!
  • Anyone fed up with not being able to figure out affiliate marketing (become an Overnight Expert!)
  • Anyone who values their security and privacy and wants to keep their email data & campaigns PROTECTED against hackers!
  • Anyone who wants lifetime access to a cloud software that automates a powerful income stream!
  • People already successful with email marketing who want to reduce costs & while improving quality - meaning they make more and get more traffic!
  • Anyone who is ready to take control of their own destiny, exit the rat race and stop giving money away to large corporations!

Another Of Our Campaigns Proving That ProfitSend Will Pay For Itself...

ProfitSend Helps You Take Advantage Of An Unparalleled Opportunity… Don’t Waste It!

This is something that anyone can do – yes, even complete newbies – as long as they take action and take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Look - It Doesn't Even Matter Who You Are Or What You're Doing!

If you want to finally be successful online, make the money that you want and live the lifestyle that you dream of, then ProfitSend is for you!

ProfitSend simplifies the entire email marketing process once and for all in such a way that enables you to focus on making money, and not wasting hours in frustration trying to get delivery rates improved or fighting with autocratic autoresponder companies!

Finally, you can improve your email marketing performance and your results with zero extra effort on your part!

The bottom line is THIS...

ProfitSend saves you HUNDREDS of dollars a year in monthly fees to services like Aweber, GetResponse & ActiveCampaign while providing a better, faster and more marketer-friendly service than any of our competition.

And ALL inside one newbie friendly interface even an 12 year old can master.

Bottom line is this - you end up the dominant force in your marketplace, all while radically cutting your costs down!

With ProfitSend, We Are Able To Generate Income LIKE THIS At The Touch Of A Button...!

But Don't Just Take Our Word For This, Here's What REAL Customers Have To Say About ProfitSend...

Bruno Mahieu - Beta Tester & ProfitSend User

“If you do any type of email marketing, this is one of the most useful tools you can have at your fingertips. Just one of the many features available on this platform is worth the price of the software.

ProfitSend is a fantastic alternative for ALL email marketers out there...I strongly advise you to try them out, you won't be sorry!”

Daniel Adetunji - Successful Email Marketer

“An email list is your biggest asset. With ProfitSend, it’s easy to customise and embed forms on your website that turn visitors into subscribers.

Don’t have a website? Build a landing page today and start growing your list on autopilot thanks to ProfitSend's built-in Social Media lead generation capabilities!”

Tony Smith - Beta Tester & ProfitSend User

“ProfitSend is the fastest, easiest mailer I've used in a long time. It's delivery is second to none and the support is fast and reliable.

I won't be using anything else at this time for my mailing tasks - ProfitSend does EVERYTHING for me and more!”

You're About To Get Access This Revolutionary New Software That Will Allow You To Triple Your Business With Just A Few Clicks!

ProfitSend Is The Best Alternative To Expensive Autoresponders, Giving You BETTER Results At A Much More AFFORDABLE Price...

Let’s Review And Take A Look At Everything You’re Getting Inside Of ProfitSend Today...

  • Full Email Marketing Platform With Zero Recurring Fees - $997 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated SMTP Servers Lets You Send Free Emails For Life - $997 Value
  • Built-In Dedicated Pool of IPs Get You In Your Customers INBOX - $397 Value
  • Unlimited lists, Unlimited Subscribers, Unlimited Emails - $397 Value
  • Send SMS Text Messages Right To Your Customers Phones - $297 Value
  • Cloud Based Mobile Responsive Software - $197 Value
  • Our Own SMS Servers Deliver ANY Link With No Cost To You - $197 Value
  • Instant Import With No Double Opt-in or Verification - $197 Value
  • Enjoy No Downtime With Our Rock Solid Servers - $197 Value
  • Use Drag & Drop Opt-in Form Creator To Build Your List - $197 Value
  • Social Media List Building Module Gets You Autopilot Leads - $197 Value
  • 3-in-1 Platform Lets You Mail, Text and Message on Instagram - $197 Value
  • Schedule Your Emails When You Need - $97 Value
  • Our Easy Email Editor Lets You Send Interactive Emails - $97 Value
  • Dozens of Built-In Templates To Grab Visitors Attention - $97 Value
  • Incredibly Newbie Friendly, 100% Reliable - Priceless


So you’ve seen the power of free traffic and easy #1 rankings, and you’ve seen how our powerful new ProfitSend cloud software lets you cash in like never before…

So you realize missing out on access to ProfitSend is like leaving MASSIVE profits on the table…

So click the button below to get ProfitSend access today for our low one time fee!

Guaranteed... Or Your Money Back - 100% Risk free

Don't worry. You see, the catch is that this is a special offer, so for a limited time we're offering this for an extremely low price (take advantage before it changes!)

If you are a beginner or a seasoned marketer and if you commit and use this software then you will start to enjoy the luxury of 100% automated FREE traffic and easy sales!

As such, it's actually going to be much less than what you think...much less than $4,755...

In fact, not even half that! Not even 1/100th of that!

We could easily charge hundreds of dollars for a revolutionary tool like this, but we want to offer you an attractive and affordable price that will finally help you send emails in the best possible way - without wasting a ton of money!

You can agree that the price we're asking is extremely low...but that’s going to change quickly!

Get ProfitSend now and enjoy using it for 30 Days...

If you encounter ANY have any tech issues that we cannot help you in any way with, you will be eligible for a full refund - no tricks, no hassles.

Just take action...and I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed!

We'll see you on the inside...

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Don't Procrastinate - Take Action NOW! Get Your Copy Of ProfitSend !

By now you should be really excited about all the wonderful benefits of such an amazing and essential piece of software.

You don't want to miss out on the wonderful opportunity presented today...And then regret later when it costs more than double...or it's even completely off the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ProfitSend Cloud-Based?

Yes, ProfitSend is a cloud-based app easy to access from anywhere. Works with Mac, PC and mobile.

Do I Need Any Tech Skills Or Experience To Make This Work?

NO – ProfitSend is seamless, does ALL of the work for you and is 100% newbie friendly.

Does ProfitSend Come With It’s Own SMTP Servers?

Yes, all ProfitSend accounts get their own SMTP servers and dedicated IPs already included and pre-configured. It’s like Aweber or GetResponse – there is NOTHING for you to do other than upload your list and start mailing, texting or messaging people on Instagram.

Are Others Using ProfitSend Already?

Yes – we have over 10,000 people using our autoresponder infrastructure already. That means you can safely expect us to continue to offer the best possible service, with the best deliverability rates, no downtime, and premium support.

Does ProfitSend Cost A Monthly Fee?

Normally yes, but if you act now, you’re getting one-time access to ProfitSend without EVER having to pay a monthly fee :)

Is Support & Training Included?

Absolutely. By purchasing today you can get instant access to our extensive training portal and the 24/7 support desk.

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